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All the iPad animation files are fixed! I start with the iPad files, then scale the animations down to the iPhone 3′s screen and the iPhone 4′s retina screen, but we’re working on the iPhone 3 version first so I have to scale it down before we’ll know if the new changes will work out. Our custom animation tool allows us to add commands to the animation timeline, so when the animation reaches the end I can tack on a “gotoAnim:2″ to change animations or loop, or a “stopAnim” to freeze it on the frame, etc. We use this for checkDamage to run the function that detects if objects are colliding or not.

So basically grunt work today, haha Once this is scaled down to the iPhone I’ll be able to grab another video, so stay tuned!

- Quickdraw

So there’s been some problems with the animation tool from the start. Something to do with the initial keyframe, it was basically requiring all the art to be unkeyframed (so everything at 100% Scale, 100% Opacity, etc.) on the first frame so that it has something to interpolate between from the first frame and the second frame (where the settings for the art would be 0% Opacities and weird Scales, etc.). We’ve been duct-taping around the problem and it was working for the most part, but we got it narrowed down to one impossible bug where if we didn’t show the first frame, it couldn’t interpolate, but if we showed the first frame, you get all the art blinking on-screen for a split second.

So I bugged the original programmer of the tool to take a look at it and he was able to figure out the problem and miraculously fix it! Derek and I spent some time today testing out various keyframing setups to make sure everything was working and it looks like it’s working SWIMMINGLY. :)

The good news is now that the tool works, progress should speed up dramatically. We couldn’t make a lot of progress on the programming side so we’re a couple weeks behind where I’d hoped to be, but now that it works things should be as quick and “drag & drop” as I was hoping from the start. I expect to be able to put up videos and stuff more often now!

The bad news is that I have to undo all the duct-tape I put in the animation files haha I basically have to go through all of them for all systems and fix them up to work properly. Not a big deal, it’s just grunt-work and I know exactly what to do but it means I’ll be staring at keyframes and coordinates for a couple days haha It’ll be worth it in the end though!

- Quickdraw

This was a pretty quick revamp. I just had to add more leafy-stuff to the tree top, add a bit more to the trunk on the left side, and then make everything glowy to match the rest of the glowy background stuff. I have a feeling I’m going to need to thin the outline around the tree a bit because as I revamped the background I was using pretty thin lines and I want the tree to blend in right. Not much to say about this one, it’s just a tree! But once I lay this out with the rest of the background art, I’ll officially be done revamping the whole background and I can move on to other stuff finally!

Here’s the revamped glowy tree:

- Quickdraw

Got the lighting and extra stuff done for the rooftop. I’m totally happy with how it’s come out and I’m psyched to see it actually in-game. I added a bunch of glows to the tiles and the ninja in this image has a reflection because I wanted to see how it’d look…once the rain effects are in there it’ll make sense that he has a reflection haha This took a lot more work than I was originally planning, but I’m digging the end result. Got to scale the art down to the different phone sizes to see how it looks. Next up I gotta’ revamp the tree, but I don’t think I’ll do too much to it, just add more to the leafy part and some glows, because I want to keep it looking cel-shaded.

Click the image below for a bigass version:

- Quickdraw

Game1, Day 62 – Lookin’ a little more…roofy!

The roof is coming together! I’m messing with the lighting and colors a lot. I don’t know if I want to keep the middle highlit like it is, or keep the shadow contrast so high because it might compete with other stuff…but at the same time, a darker area toward the sides/bottom will make the glows on the thrown objects stand out a lot more awesomely haha Going to have to mess with the colors a lot…I’m going to rip the colors and shades directly off the new background houses to keep the color scheme consistent.

Click the image below for a preview before I add cool lighting effects and probably build some structure beneath the roof itself:

- Quickdraw

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