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Ya, so I actually decided to Google Image Search for Japanese rooftops. Turns out they don’t look ANYTHING AT ALL LIKE I THOUGHT haha I considered sticking with the bamboo columns thing because 1) I’m lazy, 2) I figure no one will notice or care, and 3) It’s dooooone damnit, I don’t want to start over from scratch!! But I just KNOW someone reviewing it will go “the roof is inaccurate! 1 STAR!!!” and I’ll cry. So I started over from scratch, modelling a roof that’s much closer to what an actual Japanese rooftop looks like.

Here’s a rough quick render…that creates some seriously crazy shadows, hey? I haven’t decided if I like them yet:

- Quickdraw

Game1, Day 60 – Revamping the roof!

Now that the background is taken care of I can move on to the foreground stuff: The rooftop and the tree. The original roof was done really quickly in Flash…I basically drew one column of bamboo and used the Skew tool to angle it a bunch of times to make some ghetto perspective. This, obviously, won’t do for the final art. I figured this’d be quicker to make in 3d than by hand because I can just make one column of bamboo, cut and paste it to the sides, and the perspective will be handled accurately for me.

Here’s the start of revamping the roof art:

- Quickdraw

Game1, Day 59 – Breaking the background apart!

Here are the 3 layers that make up the background. The background will either stay motionless or move VERY slightly, and the middle layer of houses will move more, with the foreground layer of houses moving the most (but still less than the tree and roof in the foreground). This should look pretty cool in action, but I still have to lay these out so Derek can get them layered right in-game. I didn’t include the glowy layers because those are boring to look at, haha

Anyway, here’s the new background broken apart:

- Quickdraw

Chosen the final colors. The foreground windows look a little yellow because of the glow but I’m pretty sure that’s going to get covered up by the foreground roof when I revamp that, so I’m not concerned right now. All in all the background is looking pretty cool. I like the cel-shaded feel and being done in 3d if I need to make adjustments I can just change the camera angle and re-render out another shot, if I wanted to make a cutscene or whatever. I have to break this down into multiple layers for the parallax stuff, and then lay it all out in animation files in place of the old single-image ugly background art.

The final strip of background:

Versus the original:

- Quickdraw

Definately digging having red rooftops on the background roofs. I’m trying combining various window colors and roof colors. I’ve also added a bit of a purple hue to the shadows. I’m digging number 9, but I like the glow right behind the ninja’s legs on number 10, he pops out against the background a little more on that one. So I’ll probably try some combo of the two. Unfortunately the new background makes the foreground look pretty horrible haha so I’ll be redoing the foreground after I get this nailed. I’m definately going to break it apart into parallax layers, and there’s actually even MORE layers because some of the parallax layers will have a glow on top of their actual art, and because that glow has to be drawn with Additive blending, it has to be a separate .PNG file from the actual houses and laid on top. Will THIS blow up the iPhone? We shall see!

Click the image below for more color schemes:

- Quickdraw

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