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Sharpen your ninja survival skills in this fast-paced addicting ninja fight-for-your-life! Caught stealing a sacred scroll and cornered on a rooftop you must dodge throwing-stars, dynamite and fire arrows, while catching sushi and riceballs for health! Push your reflexes to the limit and don’t get hit!

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This is my first game and I hope you all dig it! Working with Derek of Ravenous Games (developers of the epic action platformer League of Evil for iPhone) we crammed a ton of polish into the art and tightened up the gameplay, spending a solid week+ with a bunch of testers helping me balance the difficulty curve so that Elusive Ninja eases you into the game smoothly but then cranks up the pace to quickly weed out the weak!

I documented the development of Elusive Ninja from Day 1, so if you want an inside glimpse into the step by step creation of a videogame from start to finish, there’s a ton of behind-the-scenes artwork, game design, general videogame philosophy…all sorts of fun stuff to read when you’re on the can. I’ll be blogging about the marketing/sales involved in this game, and the start of my next!



➴ Epic full-screen visuals, I wanted it to look like a solid action anime!

➴ A whole bunch of behind-the-scenes Bonus Features for my fellow game developers and gamers who’ve thought about getting into the industry! Everything from a Post-Mortem to the original Game Design Document with commentary on how the final game compared to the original design!

➴ Leaderboard support (both OpenFeint and Apple Game Center) so you can compete with the whole world or stick to one-upping your close group of friends!

➴ Achievements (OpenFeint and Apple Game Center) to give you some extra challenges to shoot for when you’ve got your skills rockin’

➴ Super tight controls, and a difficulty curve that’s challenging but not impossible…the AI gets smarter the longer you last but there are a few strategies to discover and master that’ll help you survive the most chaotic situations!

➴ An abundance of flashy art and explosions! I like making things glow in Photoshop haha

➴ Opportunities to yell at me! I’m big on user feedback, so I made sure to include a form in-game for reporting bugs, requesting features, sending ideas for future games/sequels/etc. and I’d totally love to hear what you guys think!

➴ A whole lotta’ love! This is my first full-blown professional game and as soon as I finish this one I’m going to start on the next!


Press Kit

Click here for the Elusive Ninja Press Kit! (10 MB)

If you have a game review site, blog, video channel, etc. and want to ask any questions, interview me, want some Promo Codes for a Review, need some art resources, or will be at E3 and want to meet up, just give me a shout!