I’m writing a bigger “What’s happening and what’s coming up for Bulletproof Outlaws?” post, but I just wanted to update quick to say that I’ve made Elusive Ninja: The Shadowy Thief 100% Free forever on the App Store! Granted, if you’re a reader of this devBlog then you’ve probably already bought the game to help keep me from having to sift through dumpsters for food, for which you have my eternal appreciation and I apologize for pulling the rug out from under you by now making it Free, please don’t hate me forever haha If you’re a reader and you didn’t buy it, why do you hate me so much? You monster! How will I afford to send my kids to college?? I mean, I don’t HAVE kids, but if I did I’m sure they would be devastated.

Anyway if you haven’t tried Elusive Ninja or League of Evil 2 out yet, give ‘em a go!

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