This is going to be a fun week!  I’m almost at the point where I get to start drawing/re-drawing new art.  Because I started with a game that I already had some art done for, and I had to find a good workflow for converting it all to various screen-sizes I haven’t been able to do the FUN stuff like making new art…which will also be the more interesting stuff to anyone reading this blog regularly haha  But the video below signifies my passing into the next stage of making actual progress:

Sure, this LOOKS like it’s just the same video from a few updates back.  But no!  It’s actually much awesomer because the guy on the left is for the iPad and the guy on the right was generated from the iPad guy’s art/animations and everything the guy on the right does should be in exact proportion for his size to the guy on the left.  The timing should be dead on too, so in theory all versions of my game will play exactly the same down to the frame timing.  I was REALLY worried I’d have to re-animate everything by hand for different screen sizes, so this makes me happy!

I figure I should be able to get the already made art all finished converting today, and then I get to start drawing new stuff, oboy!

- Quickdraw

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