My game is a continuous game where everything gets faster and faster over time, until you can’t keep up and get hit by 3 objects and then it’s Game Over. From a gameplay perspective if all you do is move left and right and dodge the same type of object that increases speed at the same rate, there’s only going to be so much variation in your results…you’re going to learn to know “when I get to about a minute in, it’s impossible for me” and all the fun is taken out of it because it’s now predictable.

One way I’m mixing that predictability up is by having mutliple types of objects…each of them comes at you in a different way or damages a different sized area. There are also objects that heal you. So now it’s a little less predictable…you don’t know if a throwing-star is going to come out, or dynamite, or some healing sushi.

On top of that I’m adding a Super Meter that’ll charge up every time you successfully dodge an object, and when the meter is full you’ll be able to tap the ninja and do a magic deflection move that’ll deflect an object, giving you another chance. It’s basically a panic button. I figure like the random objects it’ll help make sure the player gets a different experience each time because they can decide when they want to use it and it might be the difference between surviving another 10 seconds or not.

- Quickdraw

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