So today I wrote up a bit more detailed version of the project, basically the list of core features for the game. I have the full GDD done but I don’t really want to hand it out all over the place, especially when I know I’m only hiring 1 out of like 6 people for the project. I’m not bothering with Non-Disclosure Agreements because, well, I’m writing all about the game on here as it is…it seems kind of silly to worry about an NDA. Hell if anything, I WANT my programmer to talk about the game and promote it as we dev haha Everything is happening kind of fast, I’m juggling E-Mails and stuff on top of still working on the art, so I’m just kind of winging this right now. Anyway, here’s part of the follow-up I sent out:

It will need to run on iPhone 3, iPhone 4 (retina screen), and iPad. Cocos2D is supposed to easily detect a retina screen and choose the retina art assets, so it shouldn’t be hard to support both the iPhone 3 and 4. Art and animation files for all 3 screen sizes would be provided.

These are the main components of the project:

- Getting the art to show up

- Making the ninja slide to the player’s finger

- Spawning objects randomly (need to be able to adjust what spits out when over time, so the first 30 seconds throwing-stars come out 100% of the time, the next 10 seconds throwing-stars come out 90% of the time and dynamite comes out 10%, etc.)

- Detecting if the objects are hitting the player and taking the player’s lives away

- Playing music and sound effects (some of the sound effects would need to be random (so it will choose between 5 different sound effects for the ninja shouting, etc.))

- Timer counting up and saving out the final time to a Leaderboard/Facebook/Twitter

- Menus (standard stuff, quick Retry pop-ups, Options menu, etc.)

- Sound Test (this can just be a default simple screen like the iPhone’s “choose a ringtone” page)

- Pop-up window encouraging reviews

- Play the logos and title-screen

And that’s it!

I figured this would be enough to get a general estimate (2 weeks, a month, 2 months, etc.) so I can figure out who to go with. I’m looking at spending around $2000-$2500 for this. It’s really not a complicated project when you break it down, especially if the programmer has already made games with music/sound, logos, menus, etc.

- Quickdraw

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