Well it’s been a helluva weekend! In the midst of dealing with the replies from the freelance sites and tightening up the Game Design Document, I got chatting with with Derek of Ravenous Games (Ravenous just released League of Evil for the iPhone, go grab it it’s the best old-school 2d platformer on the system!  And hard as hell haha) and he said he’d be interested in the project.  So in an unexpected turn of events, a few E-Mails later we decided to team up!

I was fully expecting to go with someone off the freelance sites, or a big programming group in India but this was too good a chance to pass up. League of Evil is awesome and Derek and I knew eachother from waaaaay back (probably 10 years ago now?) in my Tsugumo days.  I’m paying him the full amount that I can afford right now ($2500), plus 20% of the royalties.  He’s cutting me a good deal on his skills because we’re friends and go back, and he figures this’ll be a quick time-filler project he can flex his programming muscles on and get some practice working with another artist. I like to think that down the road we’ll all be making a comfortable enough living that we can take projects with eachother based less on the pay and more on “how fun will this project be to work on?”

Also, Derek is a fellow Canuck, go Canada! haha

All I’m hoping to make off this game, to consider it a “success” in my mind is:

- $3000-ish to cover its dev costs

- $600 for paying my rent

- $50 for a black & blue seared on the outside raw on the inside honey roasted garlic top sirloin 10 ounce steak with two sides of melt-in-your-mouth garlic mashed potatoes and a diet Coke

So $3650-ish total. If I can make that off this game, I’m a happy guy. Anything past that is awesome and wonderful, but totally a bonus in my mind. I figure the cross-promotion of Ravenous Games and Bulletproof Outlaws will be good for both of us, I’ll throw links to his games in my game and we can both promote the game on our sites. Another reason to give developers a cut of the royalties is that it gives everyone incentive to promote the game since we all benefit haha

So we’ll start actually devving tomorrow! I’m cleaning up the GDD, removing all the stuff that didn’t make it into the final design and explaining more thoroughly the parts that did.

- Quickdraw

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