Well after 41 days we finally get into actual game development! It took a lot longer than planned, but as a solo operation there was a lot of miscellaneous business things to take care of beyond just drawing the art. Marketing, Tweeting, E-Mailing, writing the GDD, buying the necessary hardware/software, updating the blog, etc. plus on top of it I still have my business course once a week that eats up most of the day. Fortunately some of that stuff only needed to be done once, and I’m slowly getting it down to a daily routine but it may be a couple months before I fully achieve the scheduling I’ve planned.

That all said, BAM:

Finally got the ninja on the iPhone haha He doesn’t do anything yet but loop through an animation, and he’s not using the right sized version (this is the iPad art on an iPhone 4) but the ninja is on the phone, dammit. That’s progress! haha

From here on the updates will probably be shorter because I expect progress to happen fairly quick as the game comes together. There’s still a lot of work to do, like the title screen and menu art, and finding some sound effects, but it’s all good. I’m hoping this’ll be done and on the App Store by the end of March!

- Quickdraw

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