So naturally the first of hopefully few problems has popped up right at the start haha Turns out the animation tool is not quite as easy as I was hoping it’d be to get running. I figure down the road when I have all the kinks in this workflow hammered out, I’ll be able to follow the ideal schedule (while the programming is being done, I can start designing and doing the art for the next game and just check on the builds daily to test for an hour or so)…but for this first game I’m going to be hand-holding the thing all the way to the App Store to learn the ropes.

So right now a few frames vanish or flash, and we’re just taking a look at it. Because a lot of the work is included in the animation files instead of hard-coded, the problems can be either on the coding side OR on the art side. This means we have to keep in communication a little more, and I need to look at builds as we go, but it also means we have both of us testing the bug out and looking for a solution instead of just Derek having to handle it all. A lot of times I can look at it and go “oh, the frames are probably disappearing because I messed up this part of the anim file, I’ll check it out.”

It’s looking like most of the errors are just from nuances, like layers needing to be named starting from 0 instead of 1, or the file needs a keyframe at the start and will glitch if there’s no keyframe there, etc. I’ve got support for Additive blending, but originally thought it was Screen blending so I had to go back and change those to get the glowy stuff looking right. All tiny little things, just a lot of re-working and re-touching up!

- Quickdraw

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