Added a link to CGToday, a news site for news on animation, VFX, games, stereoscope and motion graphics. Basically it’s got a bunch of news, interviews, articles, etc. from the industry. They’re also hosting a mirror of my blog. I’m a big fan of cross-promotion in general, it’s mutually benefitial and the site has some cool interviews and behind-the-scenes articles so in exchange for mirroring the blog I’ve added a link to the sidebar that goes to CGToday.

Still working on the iPhone-scaled animations. It’s kind of a pain because some of them convert nicely, but some of them I have to go in and tweak a bunch of Scales and Positions by hand. One day I’d like to have an animation tool where I can just go “convert animation from iPad to iPhone” and have it automatically do everything haha Maybe after this project I’ll look into that. For this game, however, slow and steady wins the race!

- Quickdraw

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