Next up is doing up some menus. I’m pretty bad with interface/HUD design, it’s not something that comes easily to me, so like with the HUDs, I just kind of mock a bunch of different ideas up and then pick the one or two that aren’t super horrible and flesh those out and decide from there. Fortunately because I did the HUD design first, I have a general theme with the blood streak and using reds/yellows, so I’m pretty keen on having the heading be a word (Menu, Options, etc.) on a blood streak to match the “READY?” streak in the last mockups, thus I’m mainly designing how the options themselves will be displayed:

I’m digging the scroll background, and it was kind of the idea I had in mind from the very start because 1) it looks okay, 2) it’s very quick/easy to make, 3) it’s versatile, VS a menu that’s an image of a room and if you tap the throwing-star it does one thing and if you tap the sword hanging on the wall it does something else, etc. which is graphically intensive and each menu would need it’s own detailed image, and 4) I can have some fun with the animations, having the scroll unroll with options and roll them back up only to unroll with different options when you switch menus, etc. and it’s all pretty much just sliding the ends around and scaling the middle chunk of flat scroll.

The final look is probably going to be a lot like the middle-left one, because I want to avoid having arrows and a scrolling list just because that’s more work on Derek’s end programming. It’s way easier if all the options just fit on the screen from the start.

- Quickdraw

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