Whew, it was a ton of grunt work and checking and double-checking and triple-checking to make sure all the art and animation files were consistent across all 3 versions (iPhone, iPad, and Retina), and they’re finally all complete. I might have to tweak a little bit (like filling out the credits and external URLs that some menu stuff links to and such), but it’s basically all done. I’m currently running PNGGauntlet on all the art to reduce it down but that’ll take a solid hour so I don’t know how much it’ll save yet.

I am pooped, but it feels good to have the art/animations finalized! Next up is tweaking the sound effects and finalizing those (just have to make some minor tweaks to volume, or fix looping pauses, etc.) and then all the resources/assets are complete. Derek’s hoping to wrap this thing up in the next few days, and then I’ll be taking the source and using my sad crude programming skills to test and tweak the gameplay and possibly add a little polish here and there, and fill in all the external stuff (making a trailer, creating a “report a bug” form, etc.). I’m hoping to be able to submit to Apple in the third week of May and have it on the App store by the end of May before all the E3 news articles start flooding the gaming sites!

- Quickdraw

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