I’m back! Sorry for the random disappearance, but I’ve been working like a mad-man on a new project and between not wanting to release details about it too soon and focusing all my time on it I’ve been a total ghost on this blog and Twitter. I’m back now, though! I totally plan to finally post up Article V of my Indie Game Marketing articles, sorry I left everyone hanging haha I’ll do a little more in-depth post about what I’m up to these days, but for now you’re probably curious what project has kept me so busy. I’ll let this Touch Arcade forum thread Derek from Ravenous Games wrote fill you in:

Sneak Peek – League of Evil 2

The creators of the critically acclaimed League of Evil (Ravenous Games and WoblyWare) have teamed up with Bulletproof Outlaws to create League of Evil 2! BPO have been contracted to kick the graphics up to 11!

League of Evil 2 is building off the same engine with a proven formula of tight controls, short bite sized levels and fast action gameplay. We have totally revamped our graphics engine and are currently displaying some incredible hand illustrated animations that need to be seen to believe. All your favorite (or hated) enemies and hazards are back in the sequel as well as about a half a dozen new enemies and hazards. There will be over a hundred levels at launch spanning 5 environments.

We hope all our TA fans dig this sneak peek!

Also, if you aren’t already familiar with first League of Evil: check the TA Forum thread!

- Jeff

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