On the art-side I do the iPad art first, since it’s the largest, then scale it down to iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 retina screen sizes. But on the programming-side we’re doing the iPhone 3 version first because we figure most people will be playing the game on an iPhone 3Gs or earlier, or early versions of the iPod Touch so we want to make sure it works on these devices (even tho I’d rather look at the gorgeous retina screen haha). This is a video of the game running on my iPhone 3Gs:

It’s super-broken right now, but at least it’s actually ON the phone! The flickering reflection of the ninja is something Derek’s looking into right now, and I’ll have to add art to the top and bottom of the tree and rooftop since I did the original art for a different screen proportion. If you look at the rain you’ll see it’s rotating very slowly and at points it’s raining sideways haha

Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to record pixel-perfect footage from the iPhone…I’m recording my 3Gs with my iPhone 4 in the video above. You’d think Apple would provide some kind of perfect recording App for the phone for developers so we could put awesome trailers together. Sure there’s the emulator, but if you’re recording gameplay and your game design requires complicated multi-touch controlling, it’d be better if footage recorded right off the iPhone. It looks like the only way to get footage like that is to jailbreak the phone and I’d rather not do that. :(

- Quickdraw