With League of Evil 2 done and kicking butt on the App Store, I’ve been hunting down my next project. John Futanilla from Ironzilla saw my art in Elusive Ninja and gave me a shout about teaming up for a project. Our scheduling finally worked out and I’m psyched to be posting up the Kickstarter for Zombocalypse! It’s a really successful Flash game by Ironzilla full of zombie-destroying mayhem that we’ll be revamping for iOS and adding a ton of new content to. So for the next few months I’ll be drawing brain-eating zombies being obliterated by various overpowered weapons…needless to say, I’m excited! :) And finally I have a reason to update my blog again haha I’ll be posting up behind-the-scenes development stuff as we go!

We’ve got an awesome team, with John from Ironzilla running things, Chris Hill from Enemy Hideout bringing his iOS expertise to the programming, and a bunch of cool cutscene and menu art from Mike Puncekar. On top of that we’ve got Symphony of Specters, the group who did the music for Castle Crashers handling our tunes.

I haven’t used Kickstarter before, so this’ll be interesting. I love the concept of crowd-funding (I threw down $200 to back Spriter because holy crap if you’re a 2d game artist you should be in on that thing), so I’ve wanted to try it out and see how it all works. John has been handling setting it all up and writing all the blurbs so I might give it a go myself on a future project but he did a sweet job. Our video looks good and the blurbs are all slick sounding.

There’s a bunch of cool rewards for Backers, so check it out. I did up a pic for t-shirts/posters with the main character from the game surrounded by zombies. This was fun to work on, I think I’ve got a good style narrowed down for this game:

When I choose my projects, the first thing I look at is how fun the project is going to be to work on. I used to get paid pretty decently working at a company in the actual game industry, but I was always working on games I didn’t really care about and that didn’t really push me in terms of my art skills. It was nice having a regular paycheque, but when I started Bulletproof Outlaws I decided that I wasn’t going to take projects I wasn’t excited to work on. It affects your day to day happiness overall and I spent long enough doing that.

On Elusive Ninja I got to work on doing big anime style backgrounds and just learn the general ins and outs of working on iOS. On League of Evil 2 I got to work on full-body character animations and tightened up my animation workflow in general. Plus I got do animate some really huge boss characters.

On Zombocalypse I get to do some full- body character animations that are HUGE. I’ll probably take a video of my workflow and give some details on how large I’m working to do art that we can scale down from iPad 3′s crazy retina screen all the way to the iPhone 3GS’ tiny little screen.

I also get to revisit my animation tool that I used for Elusive Ninja which is going to let me do full-screen animations for the Kill Combos and the main character will need to have separate parts that can be switched out so we can replace his head and change the weapons he uses…there’ll be a big variety of anims to do from sword swinging to flame throwers and some of the rapid-fire guns will get awesome motion blur effects. This is pretty much a big art-fest free-for-all playground for me to make it as cool and flashy as I want. :)

So check out our Kickstarter and please Tweet the link around even if you can’t afford to back us. If we hit our goal we’ll be set for gettin this all going. I’ll probably be starting early just cause I’m eager to get doodling zombies and machine guns haha

- Jeff

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